The Titan Team

Titan TC Proudly is made up of Vetted and top certified instruction professionals from around the globe. We have a few of our selected Public Team Members below for you to see true value and qualified instruction in all fields. We do have a select private team members list who is available for professional development and personalized training courses. Contact us directly for your needs and we will pair you with our best suited Instructors. 

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Titan Team members

“Victor” - Former CANSOFCOM - Close Protection and Hostage Rescue Specialist


Victor is a retired member of the Canadian Forces serving 32 years and have served the last 7 years with a Special Operation Aviation Unit.  After retirement, Victor spent 3 years in Afghanistan as a Site Security Manager, Close Protection Team Leader and Close Protection Member.  He is qualified in Executive Close Protection and Hostage Rescue in Hostile Environments. He went on to train and mentor the Afghanistan Public Protection Force (APPF) Officer’s, NCO’s and guard force.  He has served as Chief Firearms Instructor for Salient Tactical Solutions and Smith Tactical Systems.   He has been employed in the aviation branch and as RSO within CANSOFCOM with 427 Special Operation Aviation Squadron and qualified on both the Bell 412 and Russian Mi-8/Mi-17V5 Helicopters and deployed on SOTA -58. Victor has served on multiple deployments to the Middle East, Caribbean,  Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Afghanistan.  He has attended the United States Special Operations University on the Special Operations Force Senior Enlisted Course.  He was often detached from his parent unit to conduct special operations or escort duties of high value assets as well as Maritime Security Duties throughout the Middle East. He has been a Military shooting instructor for 20 years, Coach and Captain of the MARLANT Combat Shooting Team,  Firearms instructor and Range Officer for 427 Special Operations Aviation Squadron. International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) Range Officer and Range Officer Instructor, International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) Range Officer, Firearms Instructor.

Jason "Pike" - Former US Navy SEAL - Tactics & Security Specialist



Jason (Pike) is a former United States Navy SEAL from Midland, Texas. Pike is currently a head instructor for Sister Company, United Defense Tactical based in California. During his time in the US Navy he was fortunate enough to train the Philippine SEALs, Coast Guard, and Police during joint operations.  He worked side by side with the United States Secret Service as security during President George W. Bush's visit to Manila Philippines, and then went on to train the Korean ROK SEALS in Close Quarters Battle and Close Quarters Defense.  In Iraq his SEAL team successfully completed numerous Capture/Kill/Body Snatch missions of known terrorists and weapons suppliers along the Iraq and Syrian border.  
After his time in the US Navy, Pike joined L3 Communications as a civilian instructor to active US Navy SEALs for pre-deployment training.
Pike currently trains civilians, law enforcement in self-defense and tactics, contracts with the US Government, PSD, and is also a Certified Instructor in Commando Krav Maga (CKM). 

Andrew Clough - Founder of - Boondock Survival® & Open Edge Tactical Defense - Combatives



Andrew has an extensive combative arts and survival background spanning over 30 years specializing in close quarters confrontations and third party protection. His areas of focus include Reality Based Self Defense (RBSD) and Third Party Defense (TPD) using situation awareness, evade & escape tactics, confrontation & survival psychology, control & shield tactics, striking & striking defense, striking weapons defense, grappling and ground survival, gun disarming, knife and edged weapons defense/disarming, improvised weapons, urban and primitive survival, and survival fitness.  
Andrew a sixth year member of the Combat Survival/CKM Elite Team who travels worldwide teaching, testing, and certifying new and existing instructors in the Commando Krav Maga (CKM) system.  He represents the Combat Survival organization at the highest level as an instructor-trainer who certifies and coaches other instructors internationally in civilian, law-enforcement, and military forms of Commando Krav Maga (CKM).
Andrew has operated, taught and/or trained in countries such as Israel, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Australia, Canada, Curacao, Mexico, as well as throughout the United States and other parts of North, Central and South Americas.  
He has also advised, choreographed and performed in various short films as well as instructional videos, and has been the action character study for student comic book animators, video game developers, and cinema story board artists. Andrew is from South Georgia.

Shaun Sanford - Former CAF - Firearms & Tactics Instructor



Coming Soon 2019!

Danielle - “Dee”- Founder -Titan Tactical & Combat Inc.


Danielle (Dee) is the Founder of Titan Tactical & Combat Inc. Her background includes Combative Arts, Firearms, Fitness, Survival and Investigations. She is a Certified Use Of Force Instructor, Certified R.S.O and a Commando Krav Maga Instructor; where she trains with several of the Combat Survival organizations highest level instructors. She has traveled internationally for a former public career and being an enthusiast for the outdoors and testing herself in harsh environments, she certified in Wilderness Survival. She has trained in firearms with former Navy SEAL's, SIG Master Instructors, SWAT & ERT Members, Israeli Government Contractors and CAF & Private Military Contractors.   Danielle is a Private Investigator after her father, who was a P.I. for the Government for 25yrs. She has a degree in Business and was an Executive for 2 multi-million dollar international companies in her corporate career.  As a Former MMA competitor she became one of the first females to Certify as an MMA Combat Conditioning Specialists. In 2017 she was named a Kickboxing Canada Master Instructor. She has trained Professional, Amateur and National Athletes. She has trained US & Canadian Law Enforcement, Security, Military and Firefighters. In spring 2015, Danielle was scouted as a trainer for the ”Weed The Week” Navy Bootcamp Training program in Washington, run by Former Navy SEALS.   Danielle has trained and instructed with professionals from all over the world including; Several Elite Team CKM Instructors, Former Navy Seals, Former Green Berets, Third Party Protection Agents and Law Enforcement Tactical Team/Firearms instructors. ​She has performed in various commercials, short films, instructional videos, and has a been the subject base for a comic book character.

Stephen Powell - President @ Patriot Outdoors - Master Instructor – Sig Sauer Academy



Stephen is the President of Patriot Outdoors, a large shooting sports complex in Eastern New Mexico. In addition, he is a Master Instructor for Sig Sauer for Shotgun, Rifle and Handgun. 

Stephen is a USAF veteran with over 15 years of combined Federal, Military and civilian Law Enforcement experience. During his time as a USAF Security Police/Forces member he was tasked with executive and resource protection; protecting many US and foreign diplomats & dignitaries as well as US Senators & Congressmen. He also served as a member of multiple Emergency Service Teams and a team leader of a Counterterrorism Hostage Rescue Team.  As a narcotic investigator with the USAF Office of Special Investigations he conducted felony level investigations, drug interdiction, surveillance and numerous search & seizure operations.  Throughout his tenure he has gained specialized training and experience from the FBI Academy, US Army Special Forces and various Federal, State & local level agencies for Special Reaction Team, Counter Assault Team operations and advanced marksmanship. He is currently an approved firearms instructor for New Mexico Department of Public Safety (DPS) and Texas DPS (TCOLE). Over the past 18 years Stephen has conducted firearms and tactics training for civilian, military units, federal agencies, and state/local departments. In addition to being a defensive tactics instructor in Commando Krav Maga & Baton, he is also a certified armorer. 

Stephen is currently a sworn Deputy Sheriff and an active member of the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA), a member the National Rifle Association (NRA) holding multiple NRA instructor certifications, and active competitor of the United States Practical Shooters Association USPSA.